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Capital Raising Mortgage Broker in Essex & Suffolk

Unbiased, stress-free capital raising mortgage advice from the top mortgage broker in Essex & Suffolk

    Looking to secure a capital raising mortgage or remortgage? Get in touch with Fees Free Mortgages today for expert capital raising mortgage advice from friendly advisors.

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    • Martin Bright could not have done anything better, he listened to my needs, acted upon them promptly to get me the best and the right deal.

    • Martin was a tremendous help with mortgage and life insurance advice. His knowledge and expert advice was a real guiding light throughout the complexities of navigating both these areas for the very first time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He is personable, conscientious and everything you could hope for in an advisor.

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    Capital Raising Mortgages in Essex & Suffolk – Tailored to Suit YOU

    Capital raising mortgages are a common method used to release the equity of a home or property for the purpose of securing funds for a variety of uses, from purchases to debt clearance.

    A unique way of securing funds, a capital raising mortgage allows for the allocation of funds with limited restrictions. Commonly used when gifting property to family, in investments, during ‘buying out’ processes in divorce, and to fund home improvements, capital raising mortgages, particularly in the form of remortgages, are hugely convenient.

    For assistance with your capital raising mortgage application, or for impartial advice, contact Fees Free Mortgages, Essex and Suffolk’s independent mortgage brokers. Our friendly advisors will be happy to guide you through the process and find the most suitable, best possible option for you.

    Why Might I Need a Capital Raising Mortgage?

    There are many possible reasons why you may want a capital raising mortgage. You may alternatively be looking at remortgaging to raise capital. Our expert, FEES FREE, capital raising mortgage brokers will discuss your options with you and get you the best deal.


    Weddings, holidays, university fees or property deposits.


    Gifts to family members or donations to charities.

    Divorce or

    ‘Buy out’ joint property owners & pay legal bills.


    Pay off CCJs, defaults, pay-day loans or tax


    Business investment, expansion & asset purchases


    Extension construction, heavy refurbishment & decoration

    We can save you money

    The lower interest rates offered by capital raising mortgages often lead to borrowers pay less than they would if pursuing an alternative method of securing finance, such as an unsecured loan.

    • We could potentially save you up to tens of thousands throughout the term of your mortgage – that’s money you can add to the capital you’ve already secured. 

    • We take your circumstances into account to offer the best advice and find the deal that suits you best.

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    Raise capital for a wide variety of purposes

    Capital raising mortgages are a fast way to secure funding for a huge range of purchases, bills and projects. These may include:

    • Home improvements, renovations, and upkeep

    • Large purchases

    • Business investments

    • Debt consolidation

    Remortgage Broker in Essex

    We’re independent

    • We’re an independent mortgage broker with specialist knowledge in the capital raising mortgage and remortgage sector. We’re not tied to any lenders, meaning our advisors are fully committed to finding the best deal for you.

    • We look at the whole market to deliver the best mortgage rates for you.

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    Benefit from fees free, capital raising property mortgages

    Fees free mortgages mean that you don’t have to pay a large lump sum to secure the deal you want.

    • No need to pay any fees for arrangement upfront, which can be tricky if you’re on a tight budget.

    • We talk you through the available options and work out which capital raising mortgage will be cheapest, or most suitable overall, based on your individual circumstances.  

    Remortgage Broker in Essex & Suffolk

    Why Choose Us as Your Capital Raising Mortgage Broker?

    We’ll find the best capital raising mortgage deal that suits you and give you expert financial advice while taking care of your whole mortgage application. Best of all, we’re FEES FREE! Putting the Free in Fees Free Mortgages.


    No mortgage broker fees – Many firms charge upfront fees, or fees on completion.


    No call centres and only 2 points of contact (Mortgage Broker & Case Manager)


    We review the whole of the market, giving unbiased and independent mortgage advice.

    Regulated &

    We are directly authorised by the FCA and fully accountable for the mortgage advice we give.


    Free financial advice, including; mortgage, life insurance & protection.


    We handle all the hard work and keep you updated until your mortgage completes.

    Looking to remortgage to raise capital? We’re the capital raising remortgage experts in Essex & Suffolk.

    If you are considering remortgaging to raise capital, make sure to contact our fees free independent capital raising remortgage advisors, who will consider all your circumstances as well as available deals before offering impartial advice about which remortgage options are right for you.

    Capital Raising Mortgages in 5 Easy Steps

    The team at Fees Free Mortgages understand the importance of finding the right capital raising mortgage for you – that’s why we work on a commission-free basis and aren’t tied to any one lender. Our brokers and advisors are motivated by your needs and ambitions – meaning we’ll find the most suitable deal for you.

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    We’re Not Just A Capital Raising Mortgage Broker…

    We love providing whole of market mortgage advice in Colchester and believe that any interaction with us will be a positive experience because we do our best to help you achieve all your mortgage goals!

    First Time

    We love helping you get on to the property ladder. We’ll oversee your first purchase from start to finish!


    Looking to jump-start your investments with a buy-to-let mortgage? We will find you the best deal.


    We’ll review your options with your existing lender and compare them against the market for you. 

    95% Mortgages

    Whether you’re an experienced mover, or a first-time buyer, take advantage of the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme today!

    Help to

    Need Help to Buy advice? Our straightforward team of Help to Buy experts will put you in the picture.


    Are you self-employed and looking for an excellent mortgage deal? Our simple process will explain it all to you, and give you peace of mind.

    Capital Raising Mortgage Advice (FAQs)

    How much is capital gains tax in the UK?2021-06-17T13:31:12+01:00

    Capital Gains Tax is a tax incurred on the profit you have made when you sell an asset that has seen its value increase. Only the profit is taxed, not the total amount of money received from the sale. The Capital Gains Tax rate depends on your Income Tax rate.

    If you pay Higher Rate or Additional Rate Income Tax, then Capital Gains Tax is 28% on the profit from the sale of residential property, and 20% on the profits from the sale of other, chargeable assets.

    If you pay Basic Rate Income Tax, then your Capital Gains Tax rate is dependent on the amount of profit you have gained, your taxable income, and other tax relief you are entitled to receive. This can result in a Capital Gains Tax ranging from 10% to 28% depending on what the asset being sold is and its value.

    Why do I need a capital raising mortgage?2021-06-17T13:30:29+01:00

    Capital raising mortgages or remortgages can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Typically, they are used to remortgage your home to release funds, which can be used by the homeowner(s) in whatever way they choose. Examples can be buying luxury goods, or to pay off other outstanding debts.

    Whether you are looking to invest in renovating your home, looking to pay off some financial debts, or simply want to buy a luxury car, one can consider a capital raising mortgage alongside other, traditional, unsecured loans as a possible course of action.

    Capital raising mortgages often carry significantly lower interest rates than typical loans from lenders, which makes them attractive to people looking to use them, though they can increase the size of your mortgage repayments, and the duration of your mortgage term.

    What does raising capital mean?2021-06-17T13:29:52+01:00

    Broadly speaking, raising capital refers to a lender or investor supply a business with funds (capital) to enable it to improve its current situation. In the context of mortgages, a capital raising mortgage is typically a way to remortgage a property, releasing funds that can be spent on other things.

    Capital raising remortgages can be an attractive, short-term solution to fiscal issues, irrespective of what the money is used for. They often incur lower interest rates than those carried by unsecured loans, however it is worth noting that you could increase the size of your mortgage repayments, and the duration of your repayment term could also increase. You could potentially incur an early repayment charge on your existing mortgage.

    How soon can you remortgage after buying a house?2021-05-11T08:34:28+01:00

    Typically, the minimum amount of time that must pass before you can remortgage your home after taking out a mortgage is six months. Fixed-rate mortgages and some variable-rate mortgages carry an early repayment charge, which is often 1% to 5% of your mortgage debt but can be higher.

    If your initial mortgage is, for example, a 1.5% fixed rate for two years, it means your interest rate is guaranteed for that term. By remortgaging before the expiry of this term, you will have switched to another mortgage before your initial fixed term is up, which could mean you will be liable for an early repayment charge.

    Oftentimes, the first year of your mortgage will carry the largest early repayment charge, which will then decrease towards 0% as you complete the term agreed in your initial mortgage.

    Will having bad credit affect the rate on a remortgage?2021-02-07T12:01:17+01:00

    As is the case with many mortgages available on the UK market, capital raising remortgage rates are at least slightly negatively impacted by bad credit – with interest rates typically being higher for those with bad credit than good. Depending on the extent of past credit issues, the amount of equity required to obtain a remortgage can increase significantly. 

    Despite this, it’s not impossible to find a good capital raising remortgage deal when applying with bad credit. Employing the assistance of a mortgage broker experienced in the credit raising field could help find the best possible deals, and ensure your application is as strong as possible. 

    What types of properties qualify for capital raising remortgages?2021-02-07T12:00:57+01:00

    The vast majority of static homes including detached, semi-detached, terraced, and bungalow homes, alongside flats, apartments, maisonettes, shops, garages, surgeries, retail space, holiday homes, bars, pubs, and restaurants can be used in capital raising mortgages and remortgages. Of course, this list extends beyond what can be seen here. 

    In contrast to this, mobile homes of any kind are generally exempt from capital raising mortgages, this includes mobile homes, caravans, canal boats, and barges. 

    If you require further clarification on whether or not your property is a suitable fit for capital raising mortgages or remortgages, get in touch with a reputable mortgage broker, whose advisors will be able to offer informed, expert advice.

    What can capital raising remortgages be used for?2021-02-07T12:00:11+01:00

    Capital raising mortgages are a fast way to secure funding for a huge range of purchases, bills and projects. These may include;

    • Home improvements, renovations, and upkeep, including extensions, heavy refurbishment, restoration, or redecorating. 
    • Large purchases such as university fees, holidays, weddings, and property deposits.
    • Business investments, including asset acquisition and expansion.
    • Debt consolidation, including CCJs, credit cards, defaults, legal bills, and tax. 
    • Divorce, commonly covering legal bills, paying off ex-partners, or buying out properties.
    What is a capital raising remortgage?2021-02-07T12:00:29+01:00

    A good route for those who have paid off a significant portion of their existing mortgage or those who have come to the end of their current mortgage’s term, a capital raising remortgage is a secured loan which allows for the release of equity from an owned property. 

    When remortgaging to switch rates, a property owner would typically borrow an amount equivalent to their outstanding loan, those looking to secure funds generally borrow a higher amount. Though the borrower’s mortgage is now larger, it is affordable, and additional funds previously tied up in a mortgage can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including large purchases, and debt consolidation.

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