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Our Tailored Approach

The difference between Fees Free Mortgages and the ‘big boys’ is an independent service tailored to your actual situation. Click a button below to complete our onboarding questionnaire. These initial questions give us a good overview and the end result will be a call to introduce ourselves, finish off the ‘fact find’ and then we’ll go and personally research your best options.

Buying a new home

Fees Free Mortgages Services

We love providing whole of market mortgage advice in Colchester and believe that any interaction with us will be a positive experience because we do our best to help you achieve all your mortgage goals!

First Time

We love helping you get on to the property ladder. We’ll oversee your first purchase from start to finish!


Is it time for a change? We’ll provide you with support from start to finish to achieve your dream home!!


We’ll review your options with your existing lender and compare them against the market for you. 


What’s your next project? We can advise on capital raising for new cars, holidays or home improvements. 


Eye-watering repayments? Speak to us about re-financing your outstanding debts to reduce your outgoings.


We provide regulated advice for Life Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover.

Benefits of Fees Free Mortgages

We’ll find the best mortgage deal that suits you and give you expert financial advice while taking care of your whole mortgage application. Best of all, we’re FEES FREE! Putting the Free in Fees Free Mortgages.


No mortgage broker fees – Many firms charge upfront fees, or fees on completion.


No call centres and only 2 points of contact (Mortgage Broker & Case Manager)


We review the whole of the market, giving unbiased and independent mortgage advice.

Regulated &

We are directly authorised by the FCA and fully accountable for the mortgage advice we give.


Free financial advice, including; mortgage, life insurance & protection.


We handle all the hard work and keep you updated until your mortgage completes.

Free Mortgage Advice (FAQs)

Will the Coronavirus stop me from remortgaging?2020-03-18T15:23:48+01:00

No! Advances in technology mean that we can conduct our initial discussion via telephone and we can email you our recommendations. The application process too can be completed with online ID checks and digital documents.

What are the approximate timescales for a Purchase and a Sale to complete?2020-02-18T20:34:35+01:00

Approximate Freehold Sale / Purchase: 4-6 weeks*

Approximate Leasehold Sale / Purchase case: 8-12 weeks*

*Please note these timescales are only an estimate and will depend on the complexity of the transaction.

What fees do mortgage brokers charge?2020-03-28T02:17:24+01:00

Not all mortgage brokers charge fees! Some brokers will charge upfront fees, completion fees or percentage fees. Fees Free Mortgages are completely fees-free mortgage brokers in Essex & Suffolk, as we get paid by the banks that we recommend. We are completely ‘whole of market’, independent and unbiased, so will always strive to get you the best mortgage rates and the mortgage deal that suits you.

Where do I start buying a house for the first time?2019-11-25T18:01:11+01:00

Our mortgage advisors will take the time to explain the process in simple steps. We will also help to assist with other services you will need along the way for example; valuations, insurances and finding a solicitor.

What information do you need to get a mortgage?2019-11-25T17:59:39+01:00

A mortgage advisor will need to get an overview of those who are named on, or wish to be named on a mortgage. An idea of household income and outgoings will assist the advisor to make affordability checks. Most importantly the advisor will need to get an overview of your objectives, finding out exactly what you’d like to achieve!

Can I borrow more money on my mortgage?2019-11-25T17:58:57+01:00

Yes, subject to meeting mortgage lender’s criteria. Many homeowners borrow more to improve or extend their home, or to consolidate their other outgoings.

Can I amend / shorten the term of my mortgage?2019-11-25T17:57:48+01:00

Yes, in some circumstances you can either shorten or lengthen your mortgage term. It’s recommended that a qualified advisor get to know your situation and your motives to be able to advise accordingly on this.

How much deposit do you need for a mortgage?2019-11-25T17:45:09+01:00

Deposits are specific to each individual scenario. Typically, you could put down a deposit of as little as 5% of the property value. This is subject to meeting specific lending criteria which we will be able to assess for you.

What is a fee free mortgage?2020-03-28T02:18:53+01:00

There can be many fees which could be involved when you mortgage or remortgage, however one fee that we don’t charge is a ‘mortgage broker fee’. Fees Free Mortgages just get paid by the bank – simple!

Do mortgage advisors charge a fee?2019-11-25T17:50:18+01:00

Not all mortgage brokers! Some brokers will charge upfront fees, completion fees or percentage fees. Fees Free Mortgages are completely fees free as we get paid by the banks that we recommend.

What is a mortgage product fee?2019-11-25T17:51:47+01:00

A mortgage product fee is often known as an arrangement fee. Banks usually offer lower rates but with a fee which can either paid upon application or added to the loan on completion. We’ll calculate whether it’s worth paying the arrangement fee for you!

How can I avoid early repayment charges on my mortgage?2019-11-25T17:53:32+01:00

If your preferences are that you would prefer an option without early repayment charges, we can base our research on this preference. A small number of lenders offer fixed or tracker rates where the entire loan can be repaid, in full, without penalty.

What does ‘whole of market’ mean?2020-03-28T02:13:34+01:00

A mortgage advisor who is ‘whole of market’ is a mortgage broker who has access to the entire mortgage market. Some advisors are ‘tied’ and only have access to a certain panel of lenders.

Our ‘whole of market’ independent mortgage brokers in Essex & Suffolk give a personal touch of humility behind our mortgage support and the fee-free mortgage advice given, ensuring every interaction with us is a positive experience.

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