There are several costs associated with buying a house that you should consider.

On top of the mortgage deposit, there will also be other fees. They will vary from bank to bank but here’s an idea of how much you should be budgeting for:

  • Mortgage booking fee £99-£250
  • Mortgage arrangement fee £1000-£2000
  • Telegraphic transfer fee £25-£50
  • Valuation and survey fee £250-£600
  • Searches £250-£300
  • Legal cost £850-£1500 + VAT
  • Stamp Duty depends on your situation
  • Moving costs depend on whether you use a removal service or not


By using Fees Free Mortgages, you are avoiding the mortgage broker fees which can be as much as £495.

We can help you identify what the associated costs will be in your case when we assess your situation.