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    Buying a home is easily one of the most exciting and daunting steps you’ll take in life –  especially if you’ve never done it before. Our Help to Buy mortgage service is here to help keep things on track; taking first-time buyers from first searches to ‘happy new home’ celebrations in just 5 simple steps. 

    If you’re using the Help to Buy scheme to secure your first property, you’re most likely seeking a mortgage with specific terms meeting the conditions laid out by the Government. 

    The good news is, many lenders offer tailored Help to Buy repayment mortgages, designed to meet every requirement of the Help to Buy scheme. The Help to Buy mortgage market can be a tricky maze to navigate – but we don’t think it needs to stay that way. In fact, our team are on a mission to make Help to Buy mortgages accessible and understandable to all at no extra cost. 

    Our experts believe in the power of simplicity, transparency, and whole-of-market searches – cutting through industry jargon and endless commission-driven offers to ensure you’re getting the very best deal for your unique situation, every time. Whether your plans are big or small, we’ll be by your side every step of the way, working to bring your first home well within reach.

    What is the Help to Buy Scheme?

    In simple terms, Help to Buy is a government-backed home ownership scheme offering financial support to first-time buyers looking to find their footing on the property ladder.

    With house prices in the UK on the rise, many buyers now struggle to save for a traditional 15% deposit, or to get a mortgage that covers the cost of property in their area. The Help to Buy scheme was designed to combat this crisis – offering prospective home buyers a better and faster way to buy in the form of an equity loan. 

    The Help to Buy scheme is available to most buyers looking to purchase a new-build property and able to put down a 5% deposit. Successful applicants are entitled to a 20% deposit loan from the government – provided on an interest-free basis for the first five years (after this, interest is set at 1.75%, increasing on a yearly basis by the rate of inflation). 

    This loan, combined with an initial 5% deposit payment means that with the assistance of the Help to Buy scheme, you’ll only need to apply for, at most, a mortgage covering 75% of the property price – offering reduced mortgage payments in comparison to buying independently with a small deposit.

    Why Choose a

    Help to Buy Mortgage?

    Am I Eligible to Apply for a Help to Buy Mortgage?

    In order to secure a Help to Buy mortgage under the English scheme, you must meet all of your lender’s usual affordability and credit criteria. In addition, your should be:

    • A first-time buyer 
    • A UK resident with a valid National Insurance Number
    • Planning to purchase a new-build home with a value of less than £600,000 (or within your regional price cap)

    But should not:

    • Own any other property or land in the UK or abroad

    Not Sure Where to Start?

    Unsure of whether a Help to Buy mortgage is the right option for you? Fees Free Mortgages are here to help. 

    Our experts know how confusing the world of Help to Buy mortgages can be to first time buyers. If you’re not quite sure what your next step should be, need help selecting a mortgage deal, or simply don’t know where to start, contact Fees Free Mortgages for free independent mortgage advice. We’re always available to offer independent, fully-tailored mortgage advice in plain, understandable terms, and at no extra cost – helping you kickstart your home buying journey. whilst avoiding common mistakes and expensive pitfalls. With us, you’ll always understand exactly what you’re signing up for.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Unlike the industry ‘big boys’, Fees Free Mortgages is motivated by clients – not commission.

    We’ll work hard to find and apply for the best mortgage deal for your individual circumstances; no strings attached. Best of all, our comprehensive services are completely fees free!

    100% Fees-Free

    Most mortgage firms and brokers charge an arrangement fee upfront, or on completion of your application. We’re different. Our team work on an entirely fees-free basis, meaning you’ll never be charged for mortgage advice, or for arrangement - regardless of your circumstances.

    Real People, Great Service

    We believe that the best brokers provide a personal touch - not outsourced calls and automated responses. With Fees Free Mortgages, you’ll be assigned an in-house personal broker and case manager, both of whom will be by your side throughout the process.

    Unbiased Advice

    With thousands of mortgage options available on the market, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get the best deal from your bank. On the other hand, whole of market brokers without lender ties are able to offer a wide range of deals, accompanied by unbiased mortgage advice.

    Regulated and Accountable

    Selecting a mortgage broker is a big step in one of the most significant financial decisions of your life - meaning it’s vital to ensure your final choice is trustworthy. Fees Free Mortgages are directly authorised by the FCA and are and fully accountable for the mortgage advice we give.

    Dedicated Contact

    We promise to handle all the hard work, meaning you can sit back and relax until your mortgage completes, whilst your dedicated broker and case manager keep you in the loop. With us, you’ll always be fully informed on the stage and details of your application.

    Nationwide Service

    We believe everyone should have access to free, unbiased mortgage advice and brokerage. That’s why we’re proud to have developed flexible services benefitting clients from Cornwall to Carlisle and beyond. We’ll work to find your perfect mortgage, whether in-person in our flagship office, through one of our UK representatives, or over video call.

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    5 Simple Steps

    Can I Afford a Help to Buy Mortgage?

    Ready to purchase a property but unsure of how much you’ll be able to afford? Our simple online mortgage calculators are here to give you a general idea of your loan to value ratio, how much you could borrow, and even what your monthly repayments may look like – all in just a few minutes. Whatever your situation, our simple mortgage calculators are here to help you crunch the numbers.

    Don’t Take Our Word For It

    Discover our clients’ mortgage success stories.

    I had so many questions and unknowns about buying my first home but none of them were too silly for Martin to answer. He helped me with finding the mortgage lender that suited me and did all the paperwork upfront, so to make everything run smoothly later on. He advised me with insurance and gave me me guidance and updates every step of the way. For me, Martin made buying my first home an exciting experience, not a stressful one and I would recommend him every time. Thank you.

    Rachael Parnell

    First Time Buyer Mortgage


    Martin Bright has been exceptional throughout a long and convoluted process. After three attempts at securing a house (and three mortgage searches), Martin was patient and professional, always happy to help and always finding a better deal than I thought possible. He explains things clearly and puts forward his thoughts and justifications in a very considered way. I have a 5yr fix at 0.9%. Which beggars belief really! Fantastic outcome, brilliant service and a thoroughly nice chap all round. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, and I already have done to a couple of friends looking to secure their own mortgages.

    Alex Prentice

    First Time Buyer Mortgage


    Martin and his team were always quick to respond from mortgage application through to completion. He provided valuable advice and insight throughout, especially during the economic downturn and rapid rises with interest rates, and secured us a great deal with a lightning fast turnaround. Also, Adelle made obtaining Life and Financial Protection insurance super easy – allowing us time to look through the deals she prepared and was always willing to explain complex or unfamiliar terms to us. When we end up moving house in the future – I’m sure I’ll be giving Fees Free Mortgages a call.

    Daniel Percey

    Free Mortgage Advice


    For anyone buying a new home, looking to re-mortgage or interested in setting up life cover – then Martin is absolutely your man. My wife and I have been using Martin for the past 4-years for our mortgages, personal and business life cover, and I would never go else where. Martin offers a very personal and professional service, he is extremely knowledgeable, honest and consistent, and is always looking for the best option for his client. I would highly recommend, great guy.

    Michael John Vingerhoets

    Self Employed Mortgage



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    We’re are ready to assist you in your mortgage journey - whatever stage you’re at. For expert fees-free mortgage advice, or to discuss any of our services, please reach out to us using the contact form below, visit us in our flagship branch, or reach out to your local advisor.

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    Our team of industry-leading advisors are ready to assist you in your mortgage journey. For expert fees-free mortgage advice, or to discuss any of our services, please contact us using the contact form below, or visit us in our flagship branch, or reach out to your local advisor.

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    Quite simply, you can either find listings of Help to Buy eligible properties on the internet, or you can check with a Help to Buy agency to see what’s available. You may be slightly restricted in the number of different properties available that fit your criteria, relative to traditional mortgages.

    This is because of the criteria that govern what properties are eligible for the Help to Buy scheme. Properties must be newbuilds from registered builders or construction firms and must be of a value of £600,000 or less. The percentage of properties in a given area that fit these criteria in a given area is likely to be less than the total number of properties for sale in the same area, so you may have to shop around!

    On average, a Help to Buy mortgage application can take approximately 6 weeks from your initial application through to owning your home. In some instances, this can be quicker than buying your home through other means, and in others, it can be a slightly longer time, depending on the circumstances.

    Some of the key differences between this process and buying a house through a traditional mortgage are that you must first establish that you are eligible for the Help to Buy scheme, and then find a dedicated Help to Buy property that you wish to purchase. You will also have to consult with and wait on a Help to Buy agency.

    When buying through the Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme, you’re required put down a 5% deposit on a registedred new build. The government will then lend you an additional 20%, which is interest-free for 5 years (1.75% annual interest thereafter).This assistance leaves you with a 25% mortgage in total, meaning you need only apply for a 75% mortgage.

    Because your mortgage will be a 75% mortgage, your monthly mortgage payments will be significantly less than if you put only a 5% or 10% deposit down on a mortgage of the same value. The government loan can be paid back at any stage but must be paid back in full within 25 years. If your property increases in value during this period, you will have to pay a percentage of the growth on top of the initial 20% amount.

    The conditions for Help to Buy are that the home you are looking to purchase must be from a registered builder or construction firm, with the home valued at £600,000 or less. It must also be your only home. There are no maximum salary thresholds for the Help to Buy scheme.

    The current Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme, often referred to as the ‘new’ help to buy scheme, was launched on the 1st of April 2021, and is set to run until March 2023, subject to further confirmation. This scheme does not differ drastically from previous offerings, with primary disparities seen in house price limits according to region. There are no current plans to extend the Help to Buy scheme beyond its March 2023 end date. 

    The Help to Buy equity loan (in England) is available to those looking to purchase a new-build property, and able to put down a 5% deposit. As we’ve briefly outlined, the government will lend you a further 20% deposit on top of this on an interest-free basis for the first five years (after this, interest is set at 1.75%, increasing on a yearly basis by the rate of inflation). This loan, combined with your initial deposit payment means you’ll only need to apply for, at most, a mortgage covering 75% of the property price –  offering drastically reduced mortgage payments in comparison to buying independently with a small deposit.

    The Help to Buy equity loan is an integral part of the help to buy scheme, provided by the UK government to qualifying applicants. This loan is most often used to provide a 20% deposit ‘top-up’ to buyers purchasing new builds priced at under £600,000 in England. The Help to Buy equity loan is offered on an interest-free basis for the first five years (after this, interest is set at 1.75%, increasing on a yearly basis by the rate of inflation). 

    The structure of this equity loan alone makes the Help to Buy scheme ‘worth it’ for a huge number of qualifying home buyers, with the initial lack of interest providing a unique offering of financial breathing space, and the large deposit allowing for significantly lower interest rates than those seen on properties purchased with smaller deposits. 

    Of course, there are restraints to the scheme, notably its restriction to the purchase of new-build homes only – meaning it’s not necessarily for everyone.

    In England, applicants qualifying for the Help to Buy scheme must be a UK resident, looking to purchase a new build home for the price of up to £600,000 using the scheme, and a mortgage. This property must be the applicant’s only home, and they must intend to live in it.  

    Applicants must be able to offer a minimum of a 5% deposit upfront in order to qualify for the further 20% deposit equity loan provided by the government through the scheme. 

    There is no maximum income threshold for the scheme, meaning even those on high salaries may apply providing all other conditions are met.

    There are many lenders on the market offering specially developed and tailored Help to Buy mortgage packages. If working through the mortgage application process independently, it’s important to shortlist lenders participating in the scheme, before applying to those deemed most suitable. During the application process, lenders, with the assistance of a Help to Buy agent, will check your eligibility for the scheme, and assess your financial position before proceeding. Both parties must agree on the affordability of the mortgage. Besides this, Help to Buy mortgage applications are much the same as a standard residential mortgage application. It is highly recommended to source a broker experienced in the Help to Buy sector, who will work to match you with the most suitable Help to Buy mortgage offering for your situation and requirements and assist with the application process.