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    We know how confusing the world of applications, ISAs, SVRs, and APRCs can be – and want to guide you through the process. Whether you’re an experienced buyer, or just beginning to consider purchasing your first home, we promise to provide completely unbiased, obligation-free mortgage advice to suit your actual circumstances. Simply tell us about you and your requirements, and we’ll set you up with a dedicated expert ready to help you on your mortgage journey, no matter the stage. No sign-ups, commitments, or service fees needed!

    We’ve helped thousands of buyers across the UK find their ideal mortgage at no additional cost. Why not join them? Take the right first step towards making your dream home a reality today.

    Why Get Free Mortgage Advice?

    Get it right first time, for free. With thousands of mortgage options available on the market, it can be tricky to discover the right one for you. That’s where Fees Free Mortgages come in.

    Our no-obligation, fees-free mortgage advice service removes the risks of independent research; helping you avoid unsuitable mortgages and expensive complications – whilst saving time, and offering professional protection; just in case. We’ll work to clarify your mortgage options and combat confusion – taking into account your situation and goals, alongside current interest rates and fees to help build a solution tailored to your unique needs.

    Why Choose Us for Fees Free Mortgage Advice?

    Why choose us? Simple. Our leading mortgage experts are always available to offer independent, fully-tailored mortgage advice in plain, understandable terms, and at no extra cost – helping you avoid common pitfalls, and save money.

    Fully Tailored Solutions

    We know each of our clients is unique. That’s why no two of our solutions are the same. Team up with our expert mortgage advisors for a free, no-obligation advice session, and we’ll build a step-by-step strategy in line with your individual circumstances.

    Expert, Whole-of-Market Advice

    Unlike tied lenders, Fees Free Mortgages have no commitments to any one mortgage provider, meaning we’re able to provide truly unbiased, whole-of-market advice, and find you the best possible deals.

    No Obligation, Fees-Free Guidance

    We believe high-quality mortgage advice should be available to anyone, anywhere - meaning we stand for simplicity, fairness, and will always be fees-free. You can trust our advisors to guide you in the right direction without pressure or obligation.

    Professional Problem Resolution

    In the rare event that things go awry following a free mortgage advice consultation, we’ll stick by your side. Our professional, fees-free problem resolution service will work quickly and effectively to get your application back on track.

    Save Time and Money

    Getting your mortgage application right from the very beginning can help save you both money and time - avoiding costly complications and re-application processes. We’ll work hard to suggest the perfect solution from the get-go.

    Mortgages Made Simple

    Not ready for advice yet? Whatever your situation, our simple mortgage calculators are here to help you crunch the numbers.

    Need advice beyond calculations? Reach out to the Fees Free Mortgages team for free, no-obligation mortgage advice. We’ll be happy to help find the right solution for you.

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    Discover our clients’ mortgage success stories.

    I had so many questions and unknowns about buying my first home but none of them were too silly for Martin to answer. He helped me with finding the mortgage lender that suited me and did all the paperwork upfront, so to make everything run smoothly later on. He advised me with insurance and gave me me guidance and updates every step of the way. For me, Martin made buying my first home an exciting experience, not a stressful one and I would recommend him every time. Thank you.

    Rachael Parnell

    First Time Buyer Mortgage


    Martin Bright has been exceptional throughout a long and convoluted process. After three attempts at securing a house (and three mortgage searches), Martin was patient and professional, always happy to help and always finding a better deal than I thought possible. He explains things clearly and puts forward his thoughts and justifications in a very considered way. I have a 5yr fix at 0.9%. Which beggars belief really! Fantastic outcome, brilliant service and a thoroughly nice chap all round. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, and I already have done to a couple of friends looking to secure their own mortgages.

    Alex Prentice

    First Time Buyer Mortgage


    Martin and his team were always quick to respond from mortgage application through to completion. He provided valuable advice and insight throughout, especially during the economic downturn and rapid rises with interest rates, and secured us a great deal with a lightning fast turnaround. Also, Adelle made obtaining Life and Financial Protection insurance super easy – allowing us time to look through the deals she prepared and was always willing to explain complex or unfamiliar terms to us. When we end up moving house in the future – I’m sure I’ll be giving Fees Free Mortgages a call.

    Daniel Percey

    Free Mortgage Advice


    For anyone buying a new home, looking to re-mortgage or interested in setting up life cover – then Martin is absolutely your man. My wife and I have been using Martin for the past 4-years for our mortgages, personal and business life cover, and I would never go else where. Martin offers a very personal and professional service, he is extremely knowledgeable, honest and consistent, and is always looking for the best option for his client. I would highly recommend, great guy.

    Michael John Vingerhoets

    Self Employed Mortgage



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    Our team of industry-leading advisors are ready to assist you in your mortgage journey. For expert fees-free mortgage advice, or to discuss any of our services, please contact us using the contact form below, or visit us in our flagship branch, or reach out to your local advisor.

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    There are a number of places you’ll be able to get personalised mortgage advice, including mortgage brokers, lenders, and banks. Whilst expert opinions can be highly valuable, it’s important to keep in mind that some advice providers are ‘tied’ to certain mortgage options – e.g. advisors working for a bank may only be able to recommend products offered by them, meaning you may miss out on other better deals. Before arranging a mortgage consultation or advice session, be sure to establish whether or not your advisor will be able to give you a whole of market view, and ultimately, whether or not they’ll be biased.

    If you’d prefer to avoid early repayment charges on a future mortgage, or are looking to pay off a current mortgage before the end of its term, a mortgage broker may be able to help.

    At Fees Free Mortgages, we’ll base our research and advice entirely on your individual preferences and circumstances, meaning that we’re able to source and secure mortgages from a small number of lenders offering fixed or tracker rates where the entire loan can be repaid, in full, without penalty.

    Avoiding ERCs whilst in a fixed rate can also be done by ‘Porting’ – through which you can apply to move your mortgage to a new property, and borrow more to buy your new home.

    A mortgage product fee is often known as an arrangement fee. Banks usually offer lower rates but with a fee that can either be paid upon application or added to the loan on completion. We’ll calculate whether it’s worth paying the arrangement fee for you!

    No, not all mortgage advisors charge a fee! Some brokers will charge a fee for their services upfront on completion, or as a percentage – but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

    Fees Free Mortgages are completely fees-free mortgage brokers. We get paid commission by the banks that we recommend – meaning we don’t need or want to charge our clients additional fees. We’re completely ‘whole of market‘, and aren’t tied to any lenders, so will always work independently and without bias to get you the best mortgage rates and the mortgage deal that suits you. 

    A fee-free mortgage is exactly what it sounds like – a mortgage without a mortgage broker fee. 

    Whilst there can be many fees that could be involved when you mortgage or remortgage, most of which are imposed by your chosen bank or lender, there’s one fee that a mortgage broker can decide whether or not to charge – a ‘mortgage broker fee’. 

    Fees Free Mortgages get paid by the bank or lender on the completion of a mortgage application, meaning we don’t need or want to charge our clients additional fees– simple!

    How much deposit you need for a mortgage is specific to your individual scenario. Typically, you can put down a deposit of as little as 5% of the property value with the assistance of government schemes or specific mortgage types such as shared equity. This is, of course, subject to meeting specific lending criteria accessible by your mortgage broker or lender.

    Yes. In some circumstances, you can either shorten or lengthen your mortgage term. It’s recommended that you consult a qualified advisor prior to making steps towards altering your mortgage term. They’ll get to know your situation and motives – meaning they’ll be able to advise on the best course of action, and assist you along the way – helping you avoid potential pitfalls and financial snags.

    Yes, you can borrow more money on top of your current mortgage, subject to meeting your mortgage lender’s criteria. Many homeowners borrow more to improve or extend their home, or to consolidate their other outgoings. You can also borrow more whilst remortgaging by arranging further advance with the same lender.

    Your chosen mortgage broker or lender will need access to a significant amount of personal and financial information in order to ensure your application is approved. Initially, when working to source possible mortgage deals, they’ll get an overview of those who are named on, or wish to be named on a mortgage. An idea of household income and outgoings will assist the advisor to make affordability checks. Most importantly your advisor or provider will need to get an overview of your objectives, finding out exactly what you’d like to achieve! Further information surrounding your finances and identity will be needed further down the line at the time of your official application.

    Mortgages work in a way similar to any loan – but are specifically used for the purchase of property. They typically allow for the borrowing of a high value of money over a pre-established term – often up to 30 years. 

    In order to purchase a home, you’ll need to have the funds necessary to cover at least 5% of the property value as an upfront deposit. The remaining amount is covered by the mortgage, loaned to you by a lender. You’ll begin to pay this back on a monthly basis, generally over a period of many years. These payments may differ according to your mortgage type, and may be repayment, or interest only. Monthly mortgage repayments may also include insurance costs where relevant. 

    Getting a mortgage can seem like a long, intimidating process, but involving a broker along the way can ease the stress of finding and securing the best possible deal. To start, your mortgage broker will work with you to gain an overview of those who wish to be named on a mortgage, before performing affordability checks, alongside assessing household income and outgoings. In order to provide you with the best deal options, your broker should work with you to understand your objectives and unique situation. They may require the following documents:

    • Utility bills
    • P60s
    • Last three months’ payslips 
    • Proof of any benefits you receive
    • Proof of ID (passport or driving licence)
    • Current account bank statements for the last 3-6 months 
    • Credit report (download from here

    There may be more paperwork required if you’re self-employed. This could include:

    • Your last 2 or 3 years’ accounts 
    • or, Last 2 years’ tax calculations and corresponding tax year overviews

    After determining how much you’ll be able to afford and what you’re looking for, your broker should search the market, and present you with the mortgage options most suited to you. Some mortgage brokers will work with you beyond this point to compile, submit, and manage your application from start to finish. 

    The good news is that independent mortgage advice doesn’t have to cost you a penny – as fee-free independent brokers take all their fee as commission from the lender.