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    Whilst finding a fair mortgage rate and the right lender as a self-employed sole trader or the director may present additional challenges – we like to think it’s by no means impossible.

    The freedom that comes with working for yourself is an advantage unlike any other – but could make things difficult when it comes to applying for a mortgage. With the phase-out of self-certification mortgages, self-employed people, sole traders, contractors, and company directors now face strict criteria and even stricter checks by lenders.  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to ensure your application ticks all the right boxes.

    Bring Fees Free Mortgages on board, and your dedicated advisor will work alongside you to present a strong application to our large network of lenders specialising in providing self-employed mortgages. We’ve helped hundreds of self-employed borrowers get the keys to their new home stress-free, hassle-free, and most importantly, fees-free. Why not join them?

    What is a Self Employed Mortgage?

    A self-employed mortgage is generally defined as a long-term, high-value loan used by an independent professional to buy a property.

    Though their criteria may vary, most lenders will consider a borrower to be self-employed if they ‘own more than 20 to 25% in a business’ – the profits from which contribute to their main income. 

    At this point in time, the ‘self-certification’ mortgages previously used by this demographic have been phased out – leaving self-employed professionals with a regular range of mortgage products to choose from – albeit with more checks to meet and hoops to jump through.

    Do I need a

    Self Employed Mortgage Broker?

    Whilst you don’t necessarily need to involve a broker in your mortgage search and application process, their expert advice can be the difference between approval and rejection – particularly in the case of ‘complex’ applications by self-employed professionals.

    Am I Eligible to Apply for a Self Employed Mortgage?

    Self-employed mortgage applicants have access to the same range of mortgage products as any privately employed borrowers-to-be, but often face stricter criteria and testing on the journey to purchasing their home.  

    To apply for a mortgage as a self-employed professional, alongside providing general evidence of your identity and income/outgoings, you’ll typically need to provide further proof of income. 

    If you need help sourcing or compiling this evidence, Fees Free Mortgages’ specialist self-employed mortgage brokers can help. We’ll manage every aspect of your application on your behalf – giving you time to focus on what matters.

    Not Sure Where to Start?

    We know how time-consuming and frustrating the world of self-employed mortgages and applications are – particularly for busy business owners and directors. Whether you’re just considering buying a home, need help with your application, or have run into issues during processing – we’re here to handle even the most complex elements of your mortgage on your behalf. Our leading self-employed mortgage brokers are always available to offer independent, fully-tailored mortgage advice in plain, understandable terms, and at no extra cost.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Unlike the industry ‘big boys’, Fees Free Mortgages is motivated by clients – not commission.

    We’ll work hard to find and apply for the best mortgage deal for your individual circumstances; no strings attached. Best of all, our comprehensive services are completely fees free!

    100% Fees-Free

    Most mortgage firms and brokers charge an arrangement fee upfront, or on completion of your application. We’re different. Our team work on an entirely fees-free basis, meaning you’ll never be charged for mortgage advice, or for arrangement - regardless of your circumstances.

    Real People, Great Service

    We believe that the best brokers provide a personal touch - not outsourced calls and automated responses. With Fees Free Mortgages, you’ll be assigned an in-house personal broker and case manager, both of whom will be by your side throughout the process.

    Unbiased Advice

    With thousands of mortgage options available on the market, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll get the best deal from your bank. On the other hand, whole of market brokers without lender ties are able to offer a wide range of deals, accompanied by unbiased mortgage advice.

    Regulated and Accountable

    Selecting a mortgage broker is a big step in one of the most significant financial decisions of your life - meaning it’s vital to ensure your final choice is trustworthy. Fees Free Mortgages are directly authorised by the FCA and are and fully accountable for the mortgage advice we give.

    Dedicated Contact

    We promise to handle all the hard work, meaning you can sit back and relax until your mortgage completes, whilst your dedicated broker and case manager keep you in the loop. With us, you’ll always be fully informed on the stage and details of your application.

    Nationwide Service

    We believe everyone should have access to free, unbiased mortgage advice and brokerage. That’s why we’re proud to have developed flexible services benefitting clients from Cornwall to Carlisle and beyond. We’ll work to find your perfect mortgage, whether in-person in our flagship office, through one of our UK representatives, or over video call.

    Sample Lenders

    From First Searches to Approval

    5 Simple Steps

    Can I Afford a Self Employed Mortgage?

    Unsure if a self-employed mortgage is the right move for you? Don’t know what you can afford? Our simple online mortgage calculators are here to give you a general idea of your loan to value ratio, how much you could borrow, and even what your monthly repayments may look like – all in just a few minutes. Whatever your situation, our simple mortgage calculators are here to help you crunch the numbers.

    Don’t Take Our Word For It

    Discover our clients’ mortgage success stories.

    I had so many questions and unknowns about buying my first home but none of them were too silly for Martin to answer. He helped me with finding the mortgage lender that suited me and did all the paperwork upfront, so to make everything run smoothly later on. He advised me with insurance and gave me me guidance and updates every step of the way. For me, Martin made buying my first home an exciting experience, not a stressful one and I would recommend him every time. Thank you.

    Rachael Parnell

    First Time Buyer Mortgage


    Martin Bright has been exceptional throughout a long and convoluted process. After three attempts at securing a house (and three mortgage searches), Martin was patient and professional, always happy to help and always finding a better deal than I thought possible. He explains things clearly and puts forward his thoughts and justifications in a very considered way. I have a 5yr fix at 0.9%. Which beggars belief really! Fantastic outcome, brilliant service and a thoroughly nice chap all round. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, and I already have done to a couple of friends looking to secure their own mortgages.

    Alex Prentice

    First Time Buyer Mortgage


    Martin and his team were always quick to respond from mortgage application through to completion. He provided valuable advice and insight throughout, especially during the economic downturn and rapid rises with interest rates, and secured us a great deal with a lightning fast turnaround. Also, Adelle made obtaining Life and Financial Protection insurance super easy – allowing us time to look through the deals she prepared and was always willing to explain complex or unfamiliar terms to us. When we end up moving house in the future – I’m sure I’ll be giving Fees Free Mortgages a call.

    Daniel Percey

    Free Mortgage Advice


    For anyone buying a new home, looking to re-mortgage or interested in setting up life cover – then Martin is absolutely your man. My wife and I have been using Martin for the past 4-years for our mortgages, personal and business life cover, and I would never go else where. Martin offers a very personal and professional service, he is extremely knowledgeable, honest and consistent, and is always looking for the best option for his client. I would highly recommend, great guy.

    Michael John Vingerhoets

    Self Employed Mortgage



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    Our team of industry-leading advisors are ready to assist you in your self-employed mortgage journey. For expert fees-free mortgage advice, or to discuss any of our services, please contact us using the contact form below, or visit us in our flagship branch, or reach out to your local advisor.

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    To get a mortgage when you’re self-employed, in addition to the typical mortgage requirements (such as good credit score, financial history, deposit, etc), you’ll have to provide additional documentation to evidence your income, such as certified accounts and SA303 forms to show you meet affordability criteria.

    Most lenders will require you to prove your income by producing at least two years’ certified accounts (preferably prepared by a certified, chartered accountant), SA302 forms or tax year overviews from HMRC covering the previous two or three years (minimum), evidence of your upcoming contracts (providing you are a contractor), and/or proof of dividend payments and retained profits, should you be a company director. These can depend largely on the lender.

    Other documentation you will have to produce will be a passport, a driving license, council tax bills, at least three months of utility bills, and at least six months’ worth of bank statements.

    Yes, you can remortgage if you are self-employed. The process for remortgaging when you are self-employed isn’t drastically different from any other remortgage. The bulk of the difference comes from evidencing your financial income. As with getting a mortgage when self-employed, lenders will look at your ability to make repayments.

    If you are remortgaging as a long-term self-employed person, you will likely be required to produce 2 years’ worth of SA302s or accounts up to the time of your application. Evidence of future contracts and revenue streams can be beneficial to your application.

    If you are remortgaging as a newly self-employed person, or you have little or no self-employed income records, you could consider remortgaging with the same lender by means of a ‘product transfer’. This means you remortgage with the lender you currently have but change your mortgage to another one that has more suitable rates.

    Though some lenders insist on reviewing at least two years of certified accounts when processing mortgage applications, it is entirely possible to obtain a self-employed mortgage with only one year of accounts – though options may be slightly limited. If you’re self-employed and looking to apply for a mortgage with one year of accounts, seeking the assistance of an experienced mortgage broker may be the best option to help ensure your application’s success.

    Though bad credit can prove to be a significant hurdle to self-employed individuals trying to obtain a mortgage, it doesn’t necessarily make approval impossible. It is highly advisable to contact an expert advisor or broker prior to application and to apply their knowledge and experience throughout the application, submission, and negotiation process. 

    Fees Free Mortgages’ experienced advisors will work with you from the very beginning to create the strongest possible application, before sourcing the most suitable lenders for a self-employed individual with bad credit through our extensive network of lenders.

    There is no decisive test available to indicate whether or not individuals are self-employed, however, the UK government has specified an extensive list of indicators and guidelines, many of which revolve around your level of independence. According to these indicators, you’re likely to be classed as self-employed if you: 

    Have the power to dictate how a business is run.

    Risk your own money in the business.

    Are responsible for the losses as well as profits of your business. 

    Provide the main items of equipment you need to do your job.

    Could send a substitute or are free to hire other people on your own terms to do the work you have taken on and pay them at your own expense. 

    Are responsible for correcting unsatisfactory work in your own time and at your own expense.

    Have the ability to work for others at the same time as providing services for a particular employer.

    Though document requirements vary slightly from lender to lender, most lenders will require the following documents or evidence as proof of income:

    Two or more years’ certified accounts (it is possible to obtain mortgages with one year of accounts, but options may be limited. Further evidence of regular work of income may assist in convincing lenders of your ability to repay in this case.)

    Evidence of dividend payments or retained profits (if you’re a company director) 

    Proof of identity will be required by any reputable lender. This may be required in the form of a:


    Driving licence 

    Council tax bill 

    Utility bills dated within three months 

    Bank Statement (these may be examined in-depth as an additional method of establishing mortgage affordability)

    Though not essential requirements, having a good credit history, and significant deposit hay help bolster your application.

    The way in which self-employment income is calculated for a mortgage varies depending on your personal role. Whilst sole traders can expect lenders to look at your pre-tax net profit over the last two years, limited company directors are generally required to submit their salary and dividends from the same period. Company profit may also be taken into consideration, depending on the individual requirements of the lender.

    Gaps in income or high income peaks can affect mortgage calculations equally. If you believe income calculation may be a significant hurdle in your mortgage journey, contact an experienced mortgage broker, such as Fees Free Mortgages. Our friendly advisors are happy to offer impartial advice and guide you through the application process.