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Self-Employed Mortgage Broker in Essex & Suffolk

Unbiased & relaxed mortgage advice for self-employed sole traders, contractors & limited company directors from the top mortgage broker in Essex & Suffolk.

    Self-employed and looking for a fair mortgage rate? Need advice on your application? Get in touch with Fees Free Mortgages today for impartial, no-fee advice, and an unrivalled broker service.

    We’re a Top Rated Self-Employed Mortgage Broker

    We are a Top Rated 2021 vouchedfor self-employed mortgage advisor in Essex & Suffolk, checked more thoroughly than any other.

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    • Martin Bright could not have done anything better, he listened to my needs, acted upon them promptly to get me the best and the right deal.

    • Martin was a tremendous help with mortgage and life insurance advice. His knowledge and expert advice was a real guiding light throughout the complexities of navigating both these areas for the very first time. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him. He is personable, conscientious and everything you could hope for in an advisor.

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    Mortgage Broker Essex & Suffolk
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    Self Employed Mortgages, Fees Free.

    Whilst finding a fair mortgage rate, and the right lender as a self-employed sole trader or the director of a limited company may present additional challenges – we like to think it’s by no means impossible. 

    The Fees Free Mortgages team are highly experienced in finding the most suitable lender, and best rates for our self-employed clients. Your dedicated advisor will work alongside you to present a strong application to our large network of lenders specialising in providing self-employed mortgages. We’ll be by your side for every step of the application process, helping not only find, but secure a deal tailored to your exact requirements.

    Improve your chances of a successful application 

    Using a broker specialising in mortgages for self-employed traders and contractors can significantly increase your chances of being accepted by lenders.

    • Our advisors have worked to build a network of lenders willing to lend to self-employed individuals, and possess extensive knowledge of, and experience with their criteria. 

    • We’ll help you create a strong application and submit it to the lenders best matched to your individual requirements.

    Remortgage Broker in Essex & Suffolk

    Save money

    Having an experienced broker on your side can smooth out negotiations with lenders, and help you find the best rates on the market.

    • We could potentially save you up to tens of thousands throughout the term of your mortgage.

    • We take your circumstances into account to find the best deal that suits you best.

    Remortgage Broker in Essex

    Independent mortgage brokers for self-employed workers

    • We’re an independent mortgage broker with specialist knowledge in the self-employed mortgage sector. We’re not tied to any lenders, meaning our advisors are fully committed to finding the best deal for you.

    • We look at the whole market to deliver the best mortgage rates for self-employed individuals.

    Remortgage Broker in Suffolk

    Experienced advisors

    Our clients hail from across the self-employed spectrum, but we specialise in sourcing mortgages for:

    • Sole traders

    • Limited company directors

    Remortgage Broker in Essex & Suffolk

    Benefit from Fees Free Mortgages

    Fees free mortgages means that you don’t have to pay a large lump sum to secure the deal you want.  

    • No need to pay any fees for arrangement upfront, which can be tricky if you’re on a tight budget.

    • We talk you through the available options and work out which mortgage will be cheapest, or most suitable overall, based on your individual circumstances. 

    Remortgage Broker in Essex & Suffolk

    A professional, calm, honest and genuine approach makes us the top self-employed mortgage broker in Essex & Suffolk.

    If you are self-employed and are considering a mortgage, make sure to contact our fees free, independent, self-employed mortgage advisors, who will consider all your circumstances as well as available deals before offering impartial advice about which mortgage options are right for you.

    Self-Employed Mortgages in 5 easy steps

    The team at Fees Free Mortgages understand the importance of finding the right self-employed mortgage for you – that’s why we work on a commission-free basis and aren’t tied to any one lender. Our brokers and advisors are motivated by your needs and ambitions – meaning we’ll find the most suitable deal for you.

    Remortgage Broker in Essex & Suffolk

    Why Fees Free Mortgages?

    We’ll find the best self-employed mortgage deal that suits you and give you expert financial advice while taking care of your whole mortgage application. Best of all, we’re FEES FREE! Putting the Free in Fees Free Mortgages.


    No mortgage broker fees – Many firms charge upfront fees, or fees on completion.


    No call centres and only 2 points of contact (Mortgage Broker & Case Manager)


    We review the whole of the market, giving unbiased and independent mortgage advice.

    Regulated &

    We are directly authorised by the FCA and fully accountable for the mortgage advice we give.


    Free financial advice, including; mortgage, life insurance & protection.


    We handle all the hard work and keep you updated until your mortgage completes.

    Fees Free Mortgages Services

    We love providing whole of market, comprehensive mortgage advice and believe that any interaction with us will be a positive experience because we do our best to help you achieve all your mortgage goals!

    First Time

    We love helping you get on to the property ladder. We’ll oversee your first purchase from start to finish!


    Looking to jump-start your investments with a buy-to-let mortgage? We will find you the best deal!


    We’ll review your options with your existing lender and compare them against the market for you. 

    95% Mortgages

    Whether you’re an experienced mover, or a first-time buyer, take advantage of the 95% mortgage guarantee scheme today!

    Help to

    Need Help to Buy advice? Our straightforward team of Help to Buy experts will put you in the picture.


    Are you self-employed and looking for an excellent mortgage deal? Our simple process will explain it all to you, and give you peace of mind.

    Self-employed Mortgage Advice (FAQs)

    How do the self-employed get mortgages?2021-06-17T13:47:00+01:00

    To get a mortgage when you are self-employed, in addition to the typical mortgage requirements (such as good credit score, financial history, and a deposit, etc), you will have to provide additional documentation to evidence your income, such as certified accounts and SA303 forms to show you meet affordability criteria.

    Most lenders will require you to prove your income by producing at least two years’ certified accounts (preferably prepared by a certified, chartered accountant), SA302 forms or tax year overviews from HMRC covering the previous two or three years (minimum), evidence of your upcoming contracts (providing you are a contractor), and/or proof of dividend payments and retained profits, should you be a company director. These can depend largely on the lender.

    Other documentation you will have to produce will be a passport, a driving license, council tax bills, at least three months of utility bills, and at least six months’ worth of bank statements.

    Can I remortgage when self-employed?2021-06-17T13:47:27+01:00

    Yes, you can remortgage if you are self-employed. The process for remortgaging when you are self-employed isn’t drastically different from any other remortgage. The bulk of the difference comes from evidencing your financial income. As with getting a mortgage when self-employed, lenders will look at your ability to make repayments.

    If you are remortgaging as a long-term self-employed person, you will likely be required to produce 2 years’ worth of SA302s or accounts up to the time of your application. Evidence of future contracts and revenue streams can be beneficial to your application.

    If you are remortgaging as a newly self-employed person, or you have little or no self-employed income records, you could consider remortgaging with the same lender by means of a ‘product transfer’. This means you remortgage with the lender you currently have but change your mortgage to another one that has more suitable rates.

    Can I get a self-employed mortgage with 1 years accounts?2021-02-07T12:03:26+01:00

    Though some lenders insist on reviewing at least two years of certified accounts when processing mortgage applications, it is entirely possible to obtain a self-employed mortgage with only one year of accounts – though options may be slightly limited. If you’re self-employed and looking to apply for a mortgage with one year of accounts, seeking the assistance of an experienced mortgage broker may be the best option to help ensure your application’s success. 

    Can I get a self-employed mortgage with bad credit?2021-02-07T12:03:01+01:00

    Though bad credit can prove to be a significant hurdle to self-employed individuals trying to obtain a mortgage, it doesn’t necessarily make approval impossible. It is highly advisable to contact an expert advisor or broker prior to application and to apply their knowledge and experience throughout the application, submission, and negotiation process. 

    Fees Free Mortgages’ experienced advisors will work with you from the very beginning to create the strongest possible application, before sourcing the most suitable lenders for a self-employed individual with bad credit through our extensive network of lenders. 

    Am I self-employed?2021-02-07T12:02:39+01:00

    There is no decisive test available to indicate whether or not individuals are self-employed, however, the UK government has specified an extensive list of indicators and guidelines, many of which revolve around your level of independence. According to these indicators, you’re likely to be classed as self-employed if you: 

    • Have the power to dictate how a business is run.
    • Risk your own money in the business.
    • Are responsible for the losses as well as profits of your business. 
    • Provide the main items of equipment you need to do your job.
    • Could send a substitute or are free to hire other people on your own terms to do the work you have taken on and pay them at your own expense. 
    • Are responsible for correcting unsatisfactory work in your own time and at your own expense.
    • Have the ability to work for others at the same time as providing services for a particular employer. 
    What documents will I need to provide for a self-employed mortgage?2021-02-07T12:02:24+01:00

    Though document requirements vary slightly from lender to lender, most lenders will require the following documents or evidence as proof of income:

    • Two or more years’ certified accounts (it is possible to obtain mortgages with one year of accounts, but options may be limited. Further evidence of regular work of income may assist in convincing lenders of your ability to repay in this case.)
    • Evidence of dividend payments or retained profits (if you’re a company director) 

    Proof of identity will be required by any reputable lender. This may be required in the form of a:

    • Passport 
    • Driving licence 
    • Council tax bill 
    • Utility bills dated within three months 
    • Bank Statement (these may be examined in-depth as an additional method of establishing mortgage affordability)

    Though not essential requirements, having a good credit history, and significant deposit hay help bolster your application. 

    How is self-employment income calculated for a mortgage?2021-02-07T12:02:00+01:00

    The way in which self-employment income is calculated for a mortgage varies depending on your personal role. Whilst sole traders can expect lenders to look at your pre-tax net profit over the last two years, limited company directors are generally required to submit their salary and dividends from the same period. Company profit may also be taken into consideration, depending on the individual requirements of the lender.

    Gaps in income, or high income peaks can affect mortgage calculations equally. If you believe income calculation may be a significant hurdle in your mortgage journey, contact an experienced mortgage broker, such as Fees Free Mortgages. Our friendly advisors are happy to offer impartial advice, and to guide you through the application process.

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